QUICKmed Clinic at Washington Elementary

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QUICKmed Urgent Care and Lorain City Schools have partnered to establish a new school-based clinic that brings quality healthcare right to students.
QUICKmed and Lorain City Schools have partnered to offer healthcare services at a fully operational school-based clinic at Washington Elementary School at 1025 W. 23rd Street, Lorain. There, health professionals will provide confidential primary healthcare services. 
Lorain City Schools will offer shuttle transportation from nearby schools to the clinic for added convenience.
At Lorain City Schools, we believe every family should have access to high-quality healthcare services, whether for unexpected illnesses or routine check-ups. So, our partnership with QUICKmed is an exciting addition to our Titan Wellness program, ensuring that a dedicated team of health professionals is poised to deliver healthcare, encompassing testing for common ailments such as strep, flu, and COVID-19. Additionally, our clinic will offer vaccinations, physicals for athletes, referrals to specialists, and a range of other essential healthcare services.

The team will be certified by Katie Malear, CNP, who has worked in healthcare for 15 years.
She loves working with families, believing that student health starts with family health.
"If mom's not healthy, chances are the family is not healthy," Nurse Malear recently shared. "Sometimes we need to put ourselves first to care for our families better." 
Nurse Malear said working with our families is her best job ever. She loves to teach, and she loves our students and community.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the school-based health clinic?
It is at Washington Elementary School, 1025 W. 23rd Street, Lorain, with a separate entrance for Lorain City Schools students and staff who utilize the clinic.
What are the operating hours of the school-based health clinic?
The clinic is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
What qualifications and training do the healthcare professionals at the clinic have?
A certified nurse practitioner will serve the clinic.
My child attends another school. Can they still be seen at the clinic?
Lorain City Schools will provide shuttle transportation from surrounding schools to the clinic.
What steps do I need to take to use the services?
A parent or guardian must sign a lifetime consent form before a student may access the health clinic. Lifetime consent forms are available at your child's school and can be downloaded HERE.
Will the clinics treat my child without my permission?
No. For your child to use the clinic, a parent or guardian must give consent. Lifetime consent forms are available at your child's school and can be downloaded HERE.
Is there a cost for the health services?
Yes, QUICKmed charges for services, but they will be billed to your health insurance, Medicaid, or other coverage you have. You remain responsible for any amounts you owe because of co­pays, deductibles, or other terms of your health coverage.
How is the health clinic different from the services provided by the school nurses?
The school nurse's role is to follow the existing protocols to triage students with illness or injury for appropriate treatment. Their role is staying the same. QUICKmed can treat illnesses and injuries and help manage chronic conditions. It also offers services to keep your child healthy, such as well-child visits, immunizations, and physicals for school, sports, and camp.
My child has an appointment/what if I can't be there?
All efforts will be made to communicate with the parent/guardian regarding their child's care and all care decisions. Once a lifetime consent form is signed, we will also ask you to complete a health history to help our staff be as well-informed as possible regarding your child.
Why did we select QUICKmed as our partner for the school-based clinic?
We selected QUICKmed as a partner because of their long-standing commitment to serving the needs of local communities with high-quality healthcare services and dedication to making healthcare easier and more accessible. The school-based clinic model is not new for QUICKmed, with such clinics serving schools in Youngstown, Lyndhurst, Salem, Warren, and now Lorain.
Who is paying for this?
All healthcare services will be billed through Medicaid or private insurance. Lorain City Schools and QUICKmed entered into a 10-year partnership at a cost of about $115,000 per year for the first five years, with plans for self-sufficiency after that. The district will use federal title grant funds earmarked for student wellness to pay for the clinic, similar to how the previous clinic was funded.
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