Attendance Matters

Titan UP! Attendance: You Belong Here

Welcome to the Lorain City Schools Attendance Campaign: Titan UP! Attendance: You Belong Here.

Did you know that attendance matters every day? Every teacher, staff member, and leader in this community has one message for our students and families: YOU BELONG HERE! 

Our new attendance campaign,” Titan Up! Attendance: You Belong Here,” is built to be a partnership between our schools and our community because, frankly, we want to see even more of your children in our buildings every single day. When our students are in school and on time every day, they benefit from better grades, increase their chances of graduating, and increase their chances of going on to college and careers. 
Admiral King | Mrs. Berrios’ class enjoying a popcorn party for having the most days of perfect attendance in September 2022. 

That’s something we really want for every child in our care.

We know that some absences are unavoidable. We understand that children will get sick and need to stay home occasionally. The important thing is to get your children to school as often as possible. We will be here to support you and help to remove any barriers that interfere with better attendance for your child.

We passionately believe your children belong in our schools every day and work hard to create an environment that is loving, kind, and inviting.

We listened to our students and families, and this year, we successfully launched several programs to enhance the quality of education our students receive.

  • We are the only district in the state with a comprehensive dance program that brings modern dance instruction to every building.
  • We have expanded our fine arts programming in every school so all students can experience more music, theater, instrument instruction, and creative and digital arts.
  • Our world-ranked VEX Robotics program has been expanded to give all students in 7-12 an opportunity to get in on the action.
  • Our Wraparound Services Department is reaching out to more families to ensure that students and families have the necessary resources and support.
We will improve attendance for all our students by working together.

This is not just an initiative of Lorain City Schools but a call to action to every family, business, community organization, and leader to join us in identifying and overcoming barriers to attendance while building a positive culture of attendance.

Come on, Titans, you can do this!

It’s time to Titan Up Attendance Because You Belong Here!



DAILY ATTENDANCE | The percentage of students present each day

  • 30 consecutive hours without a legitimate excuse
  • 42 hours per school month without a legitimate excuse
  • 72 hours per school year without a legitimate excuse
  • 38 hours per school month with a nonmedical excuse or without a legitimate excuse
  • 65 hours per school year with a nonmedical excuse or without a legitimate excuse
  • 10% of total hours per school year either excused or unexcused (the equivalent of 18 total days)

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