Multi-Tiered System of Support

What is a Multi-Tiered System of Support?

THE M-PHAT APPROACH to physical and psychological safety

The Lorain City Schools follows a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) to integrate school safety and crisis management - also known as the M-PHAT model. 

This stands for:

  • Multi-Phase | Prevention, preparedness, response and recovery
  • Multi-Hazard | Accidental death, school violence, natural disasters, terrorism
  • Multi-Agency | School, police, fire, EMS, mental health
  • Multi-Tiered | An MTSS framework
Many of the supports for students in schools are Tier I and can be handled by school personnel and social workers. Tier II and Tier III require specific, targeted intervention that is directed to specific organizations that can provide an extensive support service.
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