Family Engagement Initiatives

FAMILY CAFES | These school-based programs are designed to bring families together to learn about local resources, school programs, academic initiatives, and education requirements, all while building relationships with school staff and collaborating and interacting with other parents and caregivers.

ATTENDANCE OUTREACH  | Family liaisons are an important link between our schools and the homes of our students who at risk of failure due to chronic absence as defined by House Bill 410. Liaisons work to provide support to families to reduce barriers to getting students to school on time, every day.

CONNECTION TO SERVICES  | Engagement Center personnel facilitate the wraparound process, conduct strengths/needs assessments, facilitate the team planning process and manage the implementation of the Care Plan. This includes: 

  • Conducting a strengths and needs assessment with the child and family 
  • Forming a Care Team with the family to include the child, family, formal and informal service providers, peer support providers and others
  • Engaging the Care Team in an interactive process to develop a collective vision, related goals, and personal Care Plan that is family-centered and team-based
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