Fine Arts

The Fine Arts

22/23 school expanded fine arts banner with child finger painting on canvas
Lorain City Schools is expanding Fine Arts opportunities by ensuring students have access to an enhanced curriculum and additional arts materials, media and instrumentation options for every student, grades PK-12. Our team is working to further expand these opportunities by developing partnerships with local artists, arts organizations, galleries and conservatories to provide unique and enriching experiences to help our creatives explore and shine.

Arts education is associated with lower dropout rates, as well as better academic outcomes. Studying the arts promotes academic self-efficacy and school engagement (predictors of persistence to graduation), and it enhances socioemotional skills valued in social relationships, the workplace, and education settings.

An implementation team was formed to focus specifically on expanding the Fine Arts in our schools. Their process includes:
  • Drawing our current model
  • Learning best practices from current research
  • Learning what is offered in other districts
  • Surveying students and families
  • Determining discipline-based or integrated model 
Once the team has reviewed surveyed data and determined the district's arts model, they will work together to:
  • Determine course offerings
  • Determine staffing and budgets
  • Determine curricular resources
  • Determine physical space needs
  • Develop professional learning
  • Make staffing adjustments
  • Deliver professional learning
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