Welcome to Facilities and Operations

The Facilities and Operations Department keeps the day-to-day operations of the district running behind the scenes.  Interim Executive Director of Operations Mary Mayse and her staff are responsible for capital improvements, custodial services, facility rental, nutritional services, buildings & grounds, transportation services and safety & security. 
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Contact Us

(Office Location)

Mary Mayse

Interim Executive Director of Operations (Administration Center)

(440) 830-4005


Kevin Haupt

Associate Director of Operations (Warehouse)

(440) 830-4109


Jim Mossbruger

Operations Manager (Warehouse)

(440) 830-4109


Don Jacopin

Procurement Supervisor (Warehouse)

(440) 830-4109


Bryan Koury 

Athletic Director (LHS)



Drew Stevens (LHS)

Associate Director of Technology

(440) 830-4036


Jim Adkins


(440) 830-4100


Reuben Figueroa

Safety Coordinator (Lorain High School)

(440) 830-4016

Stephanie Silos

Transportation Coordinator (Administration Center)

(440) 830-4047


Magali Flecha

Transportation Assistant

(440) 830-4047 (Administration Center)


Frank Horvatich 

Food Service Director (Warehouse)

(440) 830-4037

Kelly Kaminski 

Food Service Director (Warehouse)

(440) 830-4039

Amanda Allen

Assistant Food Service Director (Warehouse)

(440) 830-4038

Beverly Jenkins

Food Service Office Manager (Warehouse)

(440) 830-4038

Jim Kolaczko

Print Shop Coordinator (Warehouse)

(440) 830-4101


Renee Forman

Print Shop Assistant (Warehouse)

(440) 830-4115


Wendy Rosso

Executive Secretary (Administration Center)

(440) 830-4005


Jeanette Ruiz

Executive Secretary (Administration Center)

(440) 830-4006


Divina Hernandez

Administrative Secretary (Warehouse)

(440) 830-4109


Helen Pagan

Administrative Secretary (Warehouse)

(440) 830-4095

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