Requests for Proposals

Request for Proposals, or RFPs, outline the requirements for specific projects in our schools. Lorain City Schools uses the RFP process to transparently solicit bids from qualified vendors and to identify which vendor might be the best qualified to complete the project. 

All active RFPs are posted in this area. If the area is blank, there are no active requests at this time.

Chromebook Vendor Q&As [click to view]

LCSD Chromebook RFP Vendor Questions and Answers – July 9, 2021

  • Mail in support is what the manufacturer is offering, are you looking for something other than this?  No – This is acceptable!
  • Do you have to have an manufacture based accidental warranty? No.  Any kind of coverage will be acceptable, but it should be factored into the price in a simple to read format.
  • Do you have a go to sleeve or case in mind?   No – We’re open to options
  • Do you need the chromebooks delivered in their original boxes?  NO
  • Can you accept delivery in a tote containing 20 units each?   Yes – we can accept pretty much any kind of delivery
  • Do you require the initial delivery of the chromebooks to the schools location, then any white glove service to be done on premise?  No – they can be asset tagged or white gloved and shipped.  Shipping to our various buildings would be preferred, but we do have internal logistics for moving totes and pallets to buildings
  • If you obtain cases do you need the chromebooks put into the cases as part of a white glove service?  It’s certainly not required but certainly helpful. This will NOT be used in the evaluation, as that is mostly price and lead-time.
  • Is the district willing to consider devices that support 802.11ac but not Wi-Fi 6? (Min spec requirements state Wi-Fi 6 but only 1 chromebook on the market offers this feature and it’s a clamshell touchscreen model) Yes
  • Please outline specific scope of what the district requires for “Google Console OU Management” Adding chromebooks to our Google Domain
  • Please clarify what the district means when they refer to “ADC” in the metric portion of the RFP Accidental Damage Coverage
  • What are the preferred warranty coverage terms (please respond with length of coverage and mfr defect or accidental damage protection)? Prefer 3 years, but quote what you have!
  • Is the district using ECF Funding, BEAR or SPI? We are NOT using any E-Rate or ECF Funds for these, we have funding already, so we will send a PO to the awarded vendor shortly after selection.
  • Do you want to use RFID asset tags or bar codes? Passive UHF RFID tags would be the best!!! They will need to be compatible with our Hayes inventory system and the reader we use, which is a Turck PD20 UHF.
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