Graphic Communications

Graphic Communications

Add Color to Your Life

Students in the graphic communications program use design software to bring their visions to life. We will teach you how to use the most recent versions of Adobe software programs. You will learn how to manipulate images, create marketing materials and design artwork in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. You will have the opportunity to use our cutting-edge equipment to create logos, window graphics, vinyl electronic device covers, T-shirt and clothing designs, large-scale vinyl signage and movie posters. Our industry-certified instructor shows students how to create a brand and takes you through that process from concept to completion. Students in this program may also qualify for the highly sought-after industry standard Adobe Software Certifi cation.

You will learn how to do this on:
• iMac computers                                                         **Some courses**
• Graphic arts software                                                    also qualify as
• Digital cameras/scanners                                             college credit
• Vinyl printing and cutting equipment
• Color laser and larger scale printers
• Off set printing press
• Bindery equipment
• T-Shirt presses

College or Trade School Program Options for Graphic Communications High School Majors

Lorain High’s Graphic Communications curriculum prepares you for entry into secondary education degree programs in computer art, graphic design or commercial art. You can choose either a trade school or traditional college to complete a certification or go into an associate, bachelor’s or master’s level programs.

Estimated time of completion for a full-time student:
  • Certification | One year or less
  • Associate degree | Two years
  • Bachelor’s degree | Four years
  • Master’s degree | Six years
Career Possibilities

Multiple career options exist for students in this fi eld of study. Some careers require certifi cation completion, while others require higherlevel degrees. Possible job titles for you after college could be graphic designer, commercial artist/designer, vinyl sign installation specialist, photographer, off set press operation, binder/finisher or desktop publisher. Visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics @ www.bls.gov and type in your career area of interest for the most up-to-date information on these careers, pay scale, employment outlook and more.
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