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Students in the Hospitality program learn about restaurant and hotel management. In this hands-on environment, students get the opportunity to work in a real, onsite restaurant, the Lighthouse Grill located at Lorain High School. We invite you to learn about the fundamentals of food production and service in our brand-new, professional-grade kitchen. Access to such facilities allows our experienced and industry-certifi ed instructor to properly teach you about the hospitality industry, catering and banquet business, and commercial restaurant trade. You will learn on our state-of-the-art Point of Sale (POS) system and be familiarized with other specialized equipment used in the industry. Hospitality courses allow you to interact and feel connected with guests and develop customer service skills. This program will provide you with the certifi cations—such as Serv Safe Manager Certification (Food Safety and Sanitation)—and the communication skills you need to be an eff ective event planner.

You will learn how to do this on:
• Culinary lab (restaurant)                                                        **Some courses**
• Commercial restaurant equipment                                       also qualify as 
• Point of Sale system                                                                  college credit!
• Professional grade espresso machine
• Catering and banquet equipment

College or Trade School Program Options for Hospitality High School Majors

Lorain High’s Hospitality curriculum prepares you for entry into secondary education degree programs in hospitality management, business management, culinary arts or travel and tourism management. You can choose either a trade school or traditional college to complete a certifi cation or go into an associate, bachelor’s or master’s level programs.

Estimated time of completion for a full-time student:
  • Certification | One year or less
  • Associate degree | Two years
  • Bachelor’s degree | Four years
  • Master’s degree | Six years
Career Possibilities

Multiple career options exist for students in this fi eld of study. Some careers require certifi cation completion, while others require higher-level degrees. Possible job titles for you after college could be concierge, customer service representative, marketing associate, event planner, front house associate, housekeeping operations, conference and meeting management, food and beverage management or sales associate. Visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics @ www.bls.gov and type in your career area of interest for the most up-to-date information on these careers, pay scale, employment outlook and more.
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