Electronic skillset for an electronic age

Students in the Robotics program will learn about robotics. Let us introduce you to robotic and manufacturing simulation and manipulation. Learn how to operate tools like lathes, mills, routers and grinders through Computer Numeric Control (CNC). Let us introduce you to computer-aided design (CAD), which replaces manual drafting with automated drafting, and watch your 3D models or 2D drawings come to life. In this program you will also use digital electronics and electronic bread boards so you can see how the circuits on your robot function.

You will learn how to do this on:
• Industrial robots and robot simulators                                        **Some courses**
• Arduino and Raspberry Pie micro controllers                                also qualify as
• C++ and LabVIEW programming language                                     college credit!

College or Trade School Program Options for Robotics High School Majors

Lorain High’s Robotics curriculum prepares you for entry into secondary education degree programs in electronics, industrial programming or engineering technology. You can choose either a trade school or traditional college to complete a certification or go into an associate, bachelor’s or master’s level programs.

Estimated time of completion for a full-time student:
  • Certification | One year or less
  • Associate degree | Two years
  • Bachelor’s degree | Four years
  • Master’s degree | Six years
Career Possibilities

Multiple career options exist for students in this field of study. Some careers require certification completion, while others require higher-level degrees. Possible job titles for you after college could be robotic programmer, CNC programmer, engineering technician or robotic engineer. Visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics @ www.bls.gov and type in your career area of interest for the most up-to-date information on these careers, pay scale, employment outlook and more.
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