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Lorain City Schools is committed to preparing all of its students for the rigorous demands of college coursework and the world of work. Career & Technical Education off ers a variety of course options for all students—those interested in entering the workforce immediately upon graduation, or those entering college to further develop the skills they learned in high school. Courses in Career & Technical Education are designed to teach students the practical knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to function successfully on the job site, and the academic knowledge and skills necessary to enter college and succeed in college classes. For students interested in post-secondary education, many programs are off ered as College Tech Prep. College Tech Prep aff ords students the opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school. Such an option is possible because Lorain City Schools (LCS), Lorain County Community College (LCCC) and other colleges/universities have entered into an agreement to work together to guarantee that coursework provided in high school meets the high standards of the Associate Degree coursework at the college or university. Each program is served by an advisory committee that monitors workforce trends, ensures the program stays current, and assists in the placement of students into college or the workplace.

Career & Technical Education is an option for every high school student, and it can be taken in conjunction with the College Credit Plus program that is off ered. Students choosing one of the available programs will gain valuable, relevant, rigorous preparation for entry into college or into the world of work upon high school graduation. These pathways prepare our students for the rapidly changing demands of today’s workforce.
Career and Technical Education Director, Mic Becerra

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