Game and Web Design

Game and Web Design

Level Up in Life

Students in the game design program learn about website development and game design – and they do it from scratch. We will teach you the fundamentals of coding. You will create basic website structure through Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), design your page layout by using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and use Java Script to add interactivity. In addition to creating your own web page, you can create your own game. Invent a virtual world, a reality of your choosing by learning about simulation design. Learn about the language of computers by taking our programming courses. Develop the skills essential for real game development that will prepare you for the next generation of technological advancement. Students in this program also have the opportunity to acquire Adobe Certifi ed Associate Certifi cation and they can earn college credit.

You will learn how to do this on:
• iMac computers                                                                         **Some courses**
• Open source and commercial software                                    also qualify as
• Adobe Creative Suite software                                                   college credit!

College or Trade School Program Options for Game and Web Design High School Majors

Lorain High’s Game and Web Design curriculum prepares you for entry into secondary education degree programs in computer games and simulation design or web design. You can choose either a trade school or traditional college to complete a certification or go into an associate, bachelor’s or master’s level programs.

Estimated time of completion for a full-time student:
  • Certification | One year or less
  • Associate degree | Two years
  • Bachelor’s degree | Four years
  • Master’s degree | Six years
Career Possibilities

Multiple career options exist for students in this field of study. Some careers require certification completion, while others require higher-level degrees. Possible job titles for you after college could be game/simulation designer, game/computer programmer, game developer. Visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics @ www.bls.gov and type in your career area of interest for the most up-to-date information on these careers, pay scale, employment outlook and more.
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