Human Resources


Human Resources is where it all begins in our schools. We consider each candidate through the following lens: "How will this individual impact and influence our students?" and hire those who we believe will bring opportunity, respect, and "zing" to our schools.

And we're not just talking about our teachers. In the Lorain City Schools we believe that every one of us, regardless of job title, is an educator, with many opportunities to contribute to the development of our youth each and every day.

We actively seek out the finest candidates to be a part of our team so that our students are surrounded by individuals who are passionate about life, learning, and discovering their path for success. As we like to say around here, "Going out of our way to help others is the Secret Sauce."

Lorain City Schools employs more than 900 amazing people, including teachers, support staff, and administrators. If you believe every child can learn, and that every one of us has something to teach one another, we want to meet you. 



Carol Gottschling
Executive Director of Human Resources
(440) 830-4010

Faith Palmucci
Associate Director of Human Resources
(440) 830-4011

Juanita Senquiz
Human Resources Generalist
(440) 830-4010

Talent Coordinator
(440) 830-4081

Executive Secretary
(440) 830-4049
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