Staff Recognition

Staff Recognition Program

Titan Leadership Award
The Titan Leadership Award will be presented to an individual that demonstrated excellence in leading others and leading by example.
Criteria for Selection
The Leadership Award recipient(s) must:
  • Promote Building and District priorities and goals through actions and job performance.
  • Demonstrate exceptional leadership abilities.
  • Foster a positive and motivation work environment.
  • Maintain open communication lines within the department and/or team and throughout the District.
  • Encourage Professional Development.
Rising Star Award
The Rising Star Award will be presented to an individual who has made significant contributions throughout the year to his or her area or to the District community.
Criteria for Selection
The Rising Star Award recipient(s) must:
  • Be a new/newer employee with less than 5 years of service with the District
  • Have innovative ideas and have made significant contributions to the District.
  • Demonstrate a record of improvement, progressed through cooperation, initiative and is a self starter with a take-charge attitude.
  • Have Volunteered to assist when and where needed.
Extra Mile Award
The Extra Mile Award will be presented to an individual who goes beyond their regular duties and responsibilities to meet the needs of the District.
Criteria for Selection
The Extra Mile Award recipient(s) must:
  • Demonstrate commitment through significant contributions to meet time frames required for the success of the project or initiative.
  • Achieve outstanding success despite difficult circumstances and unforeseen problems.
  • Dedicate personal time and effort to represent LCS and enhance the District's reputation in the community.
  • Demonstrate exceptional ability to foster collaboration, communication and cooperation among colleagues.
  • Demonstrate performance at a level far above and beyond normal expectations.
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude, use strong judgment and utilize strong communication skills.
 Website will be available during designated nomination periods.
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