What to Bring

What to Bring with You to Register Your Child

Be sure to bring the following documents with you to register your child:
  • Proof of Birth or Foreign Documentation of Birth 
  • Immunization Records
  • Social Security Number - optional 
  • Custody/Divorce Papers if they apply
  • Proof of Residency (See examples below)
  • Utility Bill - MOST RECENT – 30 days
  • Emergency contact information - trusted adults the school can contact if parents/guardians cannot be reached
PROOF OF RESIDENCY - within 30 days
  • Utility Bill (gas, electric, water, cable) 
  • Voter Registration Card
  • Bank Statement 
  • Government Check
  • Paycheck
  • Property Taxes 
  • Housing rental contract-Lease (current year)
  • Mortgage documents (purchase agreement if in the process of buying a home)
  • Official state or local government letter or document on letterhead or official seal
  • Letter or documentation issued by the postmaster 
  • Job & Family Services, Unemployment or Social Security 
All documents must contain name and address and date. If you do not have proof of residency in your name and stay with someone else, we will need proof of residency from the person you live with. We cannot accept cell phone bills, insurance documents, medical documents or court documents as proof of residency. 
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