Communications Update May 2022

As we work to recreate the Lorain City Schools our team is driven by demonstrating collaboration, and a commitment to transparent and open communication. This has included:

  • COMMUNITY & BUSINESS PARTNERSHIPS | Lorain City Schools is committed to connecting our families to the resources and services available within our greater Lorain community. Equally important to this commitment is establish and nurture mutually beneficial partnerships with individuals and organizations that support our students’ readiness to learn and thrive in the 21st century. 
  • WRAPAROUND SERVICES | The Lorain City Schools Engagement Center wraps students in a "System of Care" that integrates a variety of supports depending on need and individual circumstances. Our process includes the creation of a Care Team comprised of the child, family, formal and informal service providers, peer support providers and others to develop individual care plans for children.
  • FAMILY ENGAGEMENT | The Titan Family Action Member (FAM) committee supports students, families, and the Lorain community by fostering engagement and participation in our schools. FAM is currently working with our schools to bring more events, programming, and resources to families with the goal of giving families what they need to be partners in moving Lorain City Schools forward. 
  • STAFF LUNCH AND LISTEN SESSIONS | Regular luncheons at each building help us to build rapport and trust by discussing hot topics, answering questions, and staying abreast of the staff experience in our schools.
  • SUPERINTENDENT'S STUDENT ADVISORY COUNCIL | Regular meetings with student leaders help our district to stay in tune with the student experience while engaging in critical thinking and problem-solving exercises to make our school district a better place to learn and grow.
  • OPEN DOOR SESSIONS | All are invited to stop by Superintendent/CEO Dr. Jeff Graham’s office at the Lorain City Schools Administration Building on the first and third Wednesday of each month between 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM. Visitors don’t need an appointment. There is no agenda, no presentation to sit through. Open Door Sessions are just an open opportunity to connect and learn from one another in a casual setting
  • REGULAR DISTRICT UPDATES | Our progress is shared with staff, families and community in multiple languages through our websiteenewsletter, robocalls, text messages, mobile app, Class Dojo, ProgressBook, Remind, FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube, and local media including radio, television and newspaper partners.
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