WE BELIEVE STRATEGIC PLAN | 2021/2022 Progress Update

In action or ongoing
In development or planning phase
Prior steps need completed first



Design a sustainable plan to recruit and retain staff with diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds to reflect our community’s demographic

Complete and in action now.  
We have overhauled our recruitment efforts and we are implementing now.


Design and execute a district-wide process to recognize staff for exemplary performance

Not started yet.


Design and execute a protocol for forming teams to include: 
  • Identifying competencies needed of team members 
  • An application and/or interview process for Equity, OIP, MTSS, and Curriculum team members based on the competencies 
  • Select members for teams that closely reflect our community’s demographic
  • Establish clear purpose of the objectives of the team 
  • Reference and utilize research-based practices such as team start-up guide from the National Implementation Research Network (NIRN) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and the Ohio Improvement Process 2.0.

All team formation has a selection process that emphasizes skills required for team members and demographic diversity including race, gender, years of service, and role.


Identify and create a succession plan to provide for continuity through transitions. Ensure plan is detailed to the extent that it can be followed by making it a living document on the website with access by all staff.

Not started yet.


Create a learning module around norms of collaboration and ways of teaming that applies to Equity, OIP, MTSS, and Curriculum.

We use the 7 Norms of Collaboration at all district meetings and also include "person first" language as an additional norm.


Integrate diverse sets of values that promote open mindedness and acceptance as part of all professional learning.

In progress.  
In partnership with LEA we are beginning professional learning with wellness activities that are staff-directed.


Promote awareness and competency of healthy culture components that impact Equity, OIP, MTSS, and Curriculum through professional development opportunities such as; a shared book study, guest lectures, multimedia presentations, and dialogue/discussion.

In progress.  
We have completed the book study "The Culture Code," we are currently studying "White Fragility," and will be studying "What Happened to You," this summer. 


Learn about the history of our country and Lorain City as it pertains to: 
  • Ethnic settleme
  • History of Marginalization
  • Recruitment and housing assignments by industry
  • Redlining
  • Policing
  • Economy
  • Education

Complete and on-going.  
We have partnered with the Lorain Historical Society with our DLT, our new hires, and any interested teacher for Teach Lorain.  
We also introduced and are studying the history of marginalization in education with our BLTs and all staff beginning in March.


Design professional learning by modeling the principles of Universal Design for Learning - multiple means of engagement, representation, and action & expression.

In progress.  
Our CASS team is currently leading collective learning with our curriculum team about universally designing learning.


Develop a protocol to differentiate meaningful professional development based on need for all staff.

In progress.  
We have begun developing our protocol for staff professional learning that will take place beginning this summer.


Develop a train-the-trainer coaching process so that all staff can benefit from coaching in the areas of healthy culture, equity, OIP, MTSS, and Curriculum.

Complete and on-going.  
Our protocol is as follows: form an initial study team; expand the team to engage in collective learning and capacity building; the expanded team leads professional learning and implementation through coaching.


Develop and administer a culture survey to identify barriers for healthy culture from all staff and students.

In progress.  
We currently have a first draft that needs to be revised and utilized in May.


Conduct a root cause analysis to:
  • Identify cultural barrie
  • Determine which barriers have the greatest impa
  • Revise action steps to address barriers

Not started yet.


Develop building focus groups to process survey data and root cause analyses to create actions to address the cultural barriers that apply to Equity, OIP, MTSS, and Curriculum.

Not started yet.


Analyze student survey data to understand student and family perspectives of healthy culture.

Not started yet.


Use the Culture Survey Results to progress monitor the health of the district culture

Not started yet.


Survey the community to understand their experiences within the school district.

Not started yet.


Develop expecatations and a protocol for clear and consistent two-way communication.
In progress.  
All DLT and principal meetings include a dedicated communication item where we determine what needs communicated, to whom, how, and when.  Building to district and staff to district communication is currently formalized through surveys and lunch meetings.


Develop a data calendar that identifies the data sources for both plan implementation and the impact of the plan.

In progress.  
This will be targeted for completion in May/June


Develop a responsive learning environment based on the growth mindset.
In progress.  
All staff have now been exposed to the learning module "Deficity to Asset-based Thinking" and some of our schools have begun identity-development learning.



Understand how all programs can perpetuate inequities.

Complete and on-going.  
All staff learned the history of marginalization in education, engaged in drawing the current educational model in their respective schools, and determined which programs and processes are proactive and reactive.  


Understand how the structure, practices and actions of the district office sets an understanding of equity.

Complete and ongoing.  
Central office has been restructured to better align with our deepening understanding.


Understand the shift in roles and responsibilities for all employees in a proactive integrated comprehensive equitable system.

Not started yet.  
This is targeted for June with our DLT and BLTs.


Understand the equity research on ability grouping, tracking, de-tracking, heterogeneous classrooms, inclusion, integration across race, ability, language, and gifted education.

In progress.  
Out DLT and BLTs have begun this collective learning.  All staff will engage in this learning in the fall of 2022.


Understand how co-planning/co-serving can, thoughtfully, increase equity for all learners.

Not started yet.  
This is targeted for June with our DLT and BLTs.


Understand how to align staff by grade-level and content to create co-planning/co-serving teams.

Not started yet.  
This is targeted for June with our DLT and BLTs.


Understand research behind culturally/linguistically relevant instruction.

Not started yet.  
This is targeted for June with our DLT and BLTs.


Utilize culturally/linguistically relevant practices with creating Universally Designed learning environments.

In progress.  
Our CASS team is currently leading collective learning with our curriculum team about universally designing learning.


Provide ongoing and job-embedded professional learning to assist staff in using UDL as a framework for creating and implementing lessons/units with multiple forms of instruction, assessment, and relevant practices.

Not started yet


Incorporate social identity development for equity advocacy. Determine how information about social  identity development will be shared out and continually developed.

In progress.  
Our DLT, all BLTs, and currently 3 schools have engaged in collective learning about identify development.


Determine Equity Non-Negotiables, align them, to spending practices, and district and building policies.

In progress.  
Our DLT and principals have engaged in this collective learning.  Our BLTs will engage in this learning in June with a target for completion at the end of June/beginning of August.


Conduct a comprehensive Equity Audit to examine if students and staff are under or over-represented across the district in: academic opportunities, course enrollment, discipline,  staffing, attendance, etc.



Identify areas of focus by conducting a root cause analysis and impact webs from the comprehensive equity audit. 



Develop a plan based on the results of the equity audit to provide equitable opportunities for all students across school programs representation. 

In progress.  
We are continuing to engage in collective learning through the summer before developing specific actions for implementation.


Realign staff to support co-planning to design instruction to co-serve students.

Not started yet.  
We will begin collective learning with our DLT and BLTs on this in June.


Re-align District Office Structure based on Equity Non-Negotiables.
Complete and on-going.  
We have restructured central office aligned to equity practices.  We will continue to evaluate our central office effectiveness to determine if changes are needed.


Understand how pullout, segregated, and/or clustered programs perpetuate the cycle of marginalization.

Complete and on-going.  
All staff learned the history of marginalization in education, engaged in drawing the current educational model in their respective schools, and determined which programs and processes are proactive and reactive.  


Understand deficit and asset-based thinking and how it impacts decisions.

Complete and on-going.  
All staff engaged in learning about deficit vs. asset based thinking in the April PD day. 


Understand how to leverage the state educator evaluation systems to eliminate inequities.

Not started yet


Share out the Equity Non-Negotiables throughout all schools and community.

Not started yet



DLT will form work groups to implement action steps based on the NIRN implementation teams guidance documents.

Complete and on-going.  
We currently have teams addressing HC1, Equity as a whole, SS4-5, Teaching and Learning as a whole, TL5 and 14, and TL25 and 26.