Meet Waleska Soto

Waleska Soto is a proud 1996 graduate of Lorain City Schools. Born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, her family moved to the United States when she was one year old and moved to Lorain at 17.

Waleska began interpreting for family and friends at a young age after learning to speak English at school through ESL classes. She has since grown that skill and passion for serving others into her current role proudly serving Hispanic/Latino families in Lorain City Schools. She is responsible for developing intercultural communications and engagement opportunities while ensuring our school district is sensitive to and responsive to the needs of our families who speak languages other than English.

"Growing up in a Puertorriquen home is fun; there is never a dull moment. Growing up, the primary language at home was Spanish, so that's all I knew. When I learned the English language, I wanted to help my fellow Hispanics because even though I was raised in the states, I struggled with the English language and was intimidated. Unfortunately, insecurity likes to creep in and bring doubt, but I fought my emotions and knew I had to stay focused.

"I began to interpret for my parents at doctor appointments. I also interpreted for family and friends who were not fluent in English. The need for interpreters and translators is critical in our community. The need for liaisons and advocates who care for our Hispanic families and can embrace and deliver with grace and understanding is crucial.

"Today, I am a proud employee of the Lorain City Schools with a heart to engage and communicate with our families. I desire to encourage, empower, and dedicate my time to be the best Intercultural Communicator and Engager for our Lorain families."
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