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In Lorain City Schools, we believe that creating a warm and caring environment that encourages our students to see our classrooms and buildings as their daily destination is the first step toward increased attendance.

The goal is on-time attendance every day, and we believe that a healthy culture in every building will change the narrative of why students should know that they belong in Lorain City Schools. That's why we have kicked up our Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS) approach with a district-wide initiative built around kindness this school year.

Why kindness? Because we believe that as we increase kindness across the district, we will decrease the behaviors that interfere with positive environments. This will increase our students' desire to be part of all the great things happening in Lorain City Schools and increase learning!

Be The 'i' in Kind poster with two girls standing in front of itHere are some approaches we use to incorporate our PBIS approach into our attendance campaign.

Rewarding students for acts of kindness, especially when they are Kind to Self, Kind to Others, and Kind to their Environments. You will see this reward system play out in our buildings in different ways, from celebrations to game days, extra recess, or just a positive note sent to the office; we aim to recognize our students for the kindness they bring to our buildings.

In addition to kindness, we are focusing on compelling programs and educational opportunities for every student.

Our fine arts expansion has brought art, music, dance, and STEM programming to every single building, allowing students to flourish as dancers, thespians, and future engineers, thanks to Project Lead the Way.

Arts education is associated with lower dropout rates and better academic outcomes. Studying the arts promotes academic self-efficacy and school engagement (predictors of persistence to graduation), enhancing socioemotional skills valued in social relationships, the workplace, and education settings.

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