Supplemental Contracts

Supplemental Contracts Process

  • Employee and approval signatures are required in order for supplemental contract payments to be processed.
  • Proper account codes must be on the supplemental contract.
  • Yellow and green copies are for Finance
    • Yellow copy – send to Finance as soon as contract is filled out and signed
    • Green copy – send to Finance as soon as duty is completed
  • If the duty is not performed or fully completed (and the yellow copy has already been sent to Finance), you must notify Finance immediately to prevent the supplemental contract from being processed.
  • Equal Installments Process
    • Equal installments are for non-athletics supplemental only - if your duty is from August – June.
    • Approval copy must be received for each installment before the installment can be processed.
    • You will need to make a copy of the green copy for the December and March installment approval since there is only one “final” approval form in the contract.  The original green copy should be sent for the June installment.
      • December installment – approval copy must be received by Dec 4st 
      • March installment – approval copy must be received by March 4th  
      • June installment – approval (green) original must be received by June 3rd

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