PBIS Student Rewards

Possible PBIS Student Rewards

  1. Positive office referral
  2. Immediate verbal or written reinforcement by the adult who saw the kind behavior
  3. Assist with morning announcements over the PA system

  4. Be a helper in another classroom 

  5. Be featured on a photo recognition board 

  6. Be recognized during announcements 

  7. Choose music/song for the day 

  8. Dance to favorite music in the classroom 

  9. Design a class/school bulletin board 

  10. Earn a free pass to a school event or game 

  11. Earn the privilege of wearing a hat for the day 

  12. Earn time with a friend to play computer game

  13. Eat lunch with a teacher or principal 

  14. Eat with a friend in the classroom (with the teacher) 

  15. Eat lunch with an invited adult

  16. Enjoy a positive visit with the principal

  17. Enter a drawing for donated prizes among students who meet specific grade standards

  18. Get a picture of self and a friend on a scrolling picture frame or hang it in the hall on a bulletin board

  19. Listen to music while working

  20. Receive a note of recognition from the teacher or principal

  21. Work as the Principal apprentice

  22. Get a postcard in the mail telling family members what teachers admire most about their child 

  23. Make a video about the school’s expectations to show on TV20 

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