PBIS Roles, Responsibilities and Procedures

PBIS Team Roles and Responsibilities

  • Facilitator:  manages agenda & keeps the team on task

  • Recorder: keeps minutes and distributes them in a timely manner

  • Process Observer: Ensures norms of collaboration are utilized

  • Timekeeper: monitors and keeps the team aware of time limits

  • Data Manager:  brings needed data to team meetings

  • Administrator: actively encourages team efforts, provides planning time and feedback, and supports initiatives

PBIS Team Operating Procedures

At monthly meetings, the PBIS team:

  • Utilizes district-approved agenda

  • Takes and disseminates minutes

  • Follows the rules and responsibilities

  • Analyzes existing data and share it with staff

  • Problem-solves solutions to critical issues

  • Develops action plan

  • Reviews action plan regularly and update PBIS efforts

  • Follows the schedule for fidelity measures 

    • Administers the Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI) and Self-Assessment Survey (SAS) within the administration windows

    • TFI- 

      • Fall:  End of October

      • Spring: First 2 weeks of May

    • SAS

      • During January (starting 22-23)

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