Lorain High School JROTC presents the colors during a Veterans Day observation
A scholar stops to smell the flowers during a 3 C's field trip
A scholar feels the breeze during a ride on the Goodtime 3
Scholars work on their computers at GJW
LHS Marching Band performs during the back to school extravaganza
A scholar enjoys a slice of pizza during a rewards luncheon at Garfield Elementary School
A Titans soccer player heads the ball
Scholars pet a therapy dog during class
Safety Officer Smalls watches the cafeteria during opening bell
A scholar gets a hug from a teacher on the first day of school
A young scholar waves as she makes her way into the building
A scholar and staff member celebrate during the Special Olympics
A young scholar grabs breakfast from a milk crate
Alumni volleyball game
Crayons donated to the district
A scholar is high-fived on her way into Admiral King Elementary School
A titans player makes his way into the end zone during a scrimmage football game
A ballet dancer welcomes a young scholar on the first day of school
Graduate raising arms
Scholars with backpacks outside school

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Grade 3 English Language Arts Assessment Window

Monday, October 21, 2019 Five consecutive school days, including makeups.
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