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Lorain Schools Remembers Literary Giant Toni Morrison

A Statement from Lorain City Schools CEO, David Hardy Jr.

It is with a heavy heart and an immense sense of cultural loss that I write this in response to the news that Lorain has lost one of its towering figures. Toni Morrison will be remembered for her brilliance, love and conviction that continuously revealed in her voice what she believed to be right. We are thankful for being able to bear witness to her brilliance and for being a part of the community she created through her writing.  Her name will live on in our community every day in the elementary school that is named in her honor, and in the dreams and achievements of the students who attend.  It is inspirational leaders like Ms. Morrison that make us who we are and motivate us to continue to work hard to become our best selves for the sake of the young people we serve. 
To her loved ones, we lift them up in our thoughts and collective prayers as we celebrate the life she led and the impact she has had on the place where she grew up.  Ms. Morrison was often quoted for her brilliance and one quote, in particular, comes to mind when we think about the message she is sending us today and for our future, “The function of freedom is to free someone else.”  So today, let us mourn her passing while acknowledging that Ms. Morrison’s work has made us all a little more free, and the world will forever remember this daughter of Lorain, Ohio as one of the great American authors.  

A Statement from Toni Morrison Elementary School Principal, Bridgette Kaiser

The Toni Morrison community and family are truly sad regarding the passing of our namesake.  Her professional journey is inspirational not just for persons of color, but also particularly for women.  She embodied the characteristics of boldness, perseverance and a thirst for knowledge.  These are all traits we strive to instill in our young people at Toni Morrison Elementary.   She will forever serve as an eternal role model for the scholars in our building as her journey proves that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.  We are honored to be part of her legacy.