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Rejuvenation on Horizon for Southview Middle School as 28-year Veteran Takes Helm

Longtime, Lorain City Schools educator and leader Tim Jama will be returning to his old stomping grounds, where he will serve as turnaround principal of Southview Middle School.

Jama comes as no stranger to the city’s south side, as he spent the early years of his educational career as a building manager and sixth grade teacher with Lincoln Elementary School—a place he called home for a decade, he said.  

As he transitions to middle school leader, after spending the last 15 years within a high school atmosphere, Jama said he’s reenergized by the shift in scholar focus, and has already committed to getting his staff on track to achieve “excellent school” status.

“You don’t understand how much energy I have,” Jama said in regards to his transition. “I am really just ecstatic about coming back to south Lorain. It’s been a godsend for me.”

Jama has lived his entire life in Lorain and is a graduate of Lorain City Schools. He has been employed with Lorain City Schools for 28 years as both teacher and administrator. Most recently, Jama served as a building administrator and assistant principal for Lorain High School and earned a reputation for getting things done to make the building run smoothly.  Jama will be replacing Brittiany Sanford who resigned in June in order to focus on her family.

Jama graduated from Kent State University and earned a master’s degree from Ashland University. As an administrator, he has worked at all grade levels, and as a building leader, he has always put scholars first when making decisions.

Along with his excellent school commitment, Jama is bringing along with him with two new philosophies. Ones he hopes will affect both scholars and staff, and rub some of that new, positive energy onto them.

“I want our kids to know ‘if you believe you can, you’re halfway there,’” Jama said. “And for our teachers and staff, it’s important for them to know that ‘to add value to others, one must first value others.’”

Chief Schools Officer Dr. LaKimbre Brown, who has been working closely with building leaders during their professional development, highlighted Jama’s positive energy and level of enthusiasm as he focuses on the rejuvenation of Southview, and its scholars and staff.

“Tim Jama is a staple in the Titan community,” Brown said of the Southview Middle School principal.  “His leadership and expertise was a clear choice when deciding who would lead Southview into the district's system of excellent schools.  His wealth of experience and many years leading at Lorain High will help him support his staff to ensure our scholars are prepared to engage in a challenging secondary experience.”

Chief Executive Officer David Hardy Jr. expressed leadership as the key to unlocking the potential that lives within the district’s scholars and teachers, and noted how fortunate the district—and the community as a whole—is for having Jama “holding that key” for them at Southview Middle School. 

 “Tim's ability to understand the nuances of school operations, and his uncanny skill to manage any situation, will be on full display because of his rich experience at the high school level,” Hardy said. “Jama will now utilize those skills he has mastered, over many years, to help our middle school scholars prepare for the next level.”