PROCESS | Contact Tracing

PROCESS | Contact Tracing

The Lorain City School District conducts contact tracing of students and staff who are in-person while in our schools, getting to-and-from school, and during extra-curricular activities. 

Contact tracing is not performed for students or staff who have gathered outside of school, students who are enrolled in remote learning or staff who have accommodations to work from home.

  • Contact Tracing is part of our district-wide mitigation strategy, along with COVID testing and our PBIS COVID procedures to Wash Up, Back Up, and Mask Up.

  • Our health partners from the Lorain County Department of Health, Mercy Hospital, and Case Western Reserve University have reviewed and approved our contact tracing process.

  • Our Intercultural Communications Coordinator is an integral member of the District Contact Tracing Team to support our Spanish speaking families.

  • Buildings are responsible for steps 1, 4, 7, 8, and 9 of our process.

  • This process was developed after researching practices from other schools and in partnership with the Lorain County Department of Health.

A close contact in a school setting is now defined as being within 3 ft of an individual who tested positive for at least 15 minutes over a 24 hour period while unmasked.


What happens

Who does it?


We will collect new COVID positive cases by:

  • Families and staff completing the COVID Positive Reporting Form online

  • Families calling school where secretaries will enter information into the COVID Positive Reporting Form

  • Our weekly COVID testing process






Daily and prior to 8:30am, Waleska Soto and Alex Morris will enter new COVID positive cases from the daily lab report into the COVID Positive Reporting Form.

Waleska Soto and Alex Morris


Daily at 8:30am, the District Contact Tracing Team of Pat Akosi, Laura DeLambo, Patty Kalo, Alex Morris, Mercedes Rivera, Waleska Soto,  Juanita Senquiz, Carol Gottschling, and Angela Zellner will meet to review and discuss the new COVID positive cases.

District Contact Tracing Team


Daily at the conclusion of the 8:30 meeting, the District Contact Tracing Team will notify the Building Contact Tracers of new COVID positive cases that need to be contact-traced (HYBRID LEARNERS ONLY). 

Juanita, Carol, and Angela will work with principals about any additional information needed for staff contact tracing. 

District Contact Tracing Team


Katie Malear, NP, will notify families who tested positive for COVID through our testing process of their child’s positive result.  She also will place the student in isolation, and place siblings and/or other children in the house in quarantine.  Katie will also notify the health department of the positive result.

Katie Malear


The District Team will contact families of the student who is COVID positive if there is missing information from the online or phone submission or if the reporting family member requests a call back.  

The District Team will enter (siblings) and other children in the household of the COVID positive students into the Close Contact Entry Form.

The District Team member with the student who is COVID-positive will complete the close contacts for the student who is COVID-positive AND notify the principal(s) of the students that are close contacts. 

District Contact Tracing Team


Building Contact Tracers will begin contact tracing interviews with staff members using information in the School Isolation and Quarantine Spreadsheet, print the Contact Tracing - Building Interview, and the Seating Charts Folder.

Building Contact Tracer(s)


Upon completion of the interviews, Building Contact Tracers will enter data into the Close Contacts Entry Form and click the “Contact Traced” Checkbox on the “Contact Tracer Tab” of the school spreadsheet.

Note - if you learn of students or staff that are quarantined, record them in the Close Contact Entry Form (New 1/14/21).

Building Contact Tracer(s)


Once the Building Interviews are complete, the Building Contact Tracer will notify and verify with the District Team member that contact tracing is complete.  This needs to be a phone call and not email to verify the close contacts and to discuss any possible close contacts where there isn’t 100% certainty. 

Building principal will notify staff and families electronically of positive COVID cases in the building. Make sure letter is downloaded & saved as a PDF 

Building Contact Tracer(s)

Send to Principal


District Contact Tracer will look up Close Contact’s preferred language prior to calling the family to notify of quarantine.  Use the Daily File for Addresses

District Contact Tracer will call parents of close contacts in quarantine.  District Contract Tracer ALSO needs to ask parents/guardians “Are there any other children residing at your house that attend Lorain City Schools”? If no response from parent/guardian, District Tracer will contact the building principal for assistance contacting parent/guardian.  

District Contact Tracer(s)

Building Principal

- Class Dojo (Elem)/Remind/Google Classroom

- Safety Officer to the home as last option


District Contact Tracer will notify, by email, Laura DeLambo and Erin Graham of students and staff who have tested positive.

District Contact Tracer(s)


District Contact Tracer will complete communication, including sending:

  • Quarantine letter to the family, and keep in the Quarantine Letters folder

  • COVID positive case notification to the school to send to all families electronically Make sure it is downloaded & saved as a PDF

  • Enter positive and quarantine cases in Lorain County Department of Health form

  • Complete checkmarks in Close Contacts Spreadsheet form

District Contact Tracer(s)

Mail to families

Send to principal


Mercedes Rivera will conduct a daily upload into PowerSchool of the students that are in isolation and quarantine using the COVID code, signifying those students will be remote learning and will not be coming to school.

Mercedes Rivera


On day 7 of quarantine, the District Contact Tracer will contact the family/staff member of the student(s) in quarantine to check-in with the family/staff member to see how they are doing and to ask if any symptoms have developed for the student(s)/staff member

District Contact Tracer(s)


On day 10 of isolation, the District Contact Tracing team will contact the family of the student to check on the student and inform them of their return to school if all criteria for return to school has been met.  

District Contact Tracer(s)


On day 14 of quarantine, the District Contact Tracing team will contact the family of the student to check on the student and inform them of their return to school if all criteria for return to school has been met.  

District Contact Tracer(s)

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