Preschool | Registration, Placement and Licensure

Registration, Placement and Licensure

To register, families can pick up a registration packet at any LCS school, Lorain Public Library branch, or the LCS Administration Center (2601 Pole Avenue) or access the form online. Families must log in to FinalForms and create a profile.

Once all of the required documents are uploaded, they will get an acceptance letter; children will be assigned to a classroom at their neighborhood school or the closest school if their neighborhood school has no remaining spots. Families can also submit an intradistrict request for possible approval.

The LCS Preschool Program is tuition-free for all students.

A significant portion of our preschool funding comes from the Ohio Early Childhood Education grant. This grant requires that we place four-year-olds who meet specific income guidelines before placing any other students. See specific guidelines below.
  • Families are encouraged to add their 3-year-old to FinalForms. Please note: there will be an extremely limited number of placements available for 3-year-olds. Three-year-olds on our waitlist will be placed in available spots starting in October.
  • Families of children who will not turn 4 on or before October 1st will not be enrolled at the beginning of the school year. We reserve these spots for 4-year-olds to ensure they are ready for kindergarten.

The LCS preschool program is licensed by and follows the policies of the Ohio Department of Education’s Office of Early Learning and School Readiness (OESLR). OELSR conducts a minimum of two inspections a year of each building to be certain that programs meet or exceed the state requirements. Each building’s main office posts the program license and current compliance report. Parents may request a copy of the current compliance report from the building principal.
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