Welcome to Facilities and Operations

The Facilities and Operations Department keeps the day-to-day operations of the district running behind the scenes.  Executive Director of Operations Jeff Hawks and his staff are responsible for capital improvements, custodial services, facility rental, nutritional services, buildings & grounds, transportation services and safety & security. 
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Contact Us

(Office Location)

Jeff Hawks

Executive Director of Operations (Administration Center)

(440) 830-4005


Kevin Haupt

Associate Director of Operations (Warehouse)

(440) 830-4109


Jim Mossbruger

Operations Manager (Warehouse)

(440) 830-4109


Don Jacopin

Procurement Supervisor (Warehouse)

(440) 830-4109


Bryan Koury 

Athletic Director (LHS)



Brett Kluiber (LHS)

Associate Director of Technology

(440) 830-4036


Jim Adkins


(440) 830-4100


Reuben Figueroa

Safety Coordinator (Administration Center)

(440) 830-4016

Stephanie Silos

Transportation Coordinator (Administration Center)

(440) 830-4047


Magali Flecha

Transportation Assistant

(440) 830-4047 (Administration Center)


Frank Horvatich 

Food Service Director (Warehouse)

(440) 830-4037

Kelly Kaminski 

Food Service Director (Warehouse)

(440) 830-4039

Amanda Allen

Assistant Food Service Director (Warehouse)

(440) 830-4038

Beverly Jenkins

Food Service Office Manager (Warehouse)

(440) 830-4038

 Jim Kolaczko

Print Shop Coordinator (Warehouse)

(440) 830-4101


Renee Forman

Print Shop Assistant (Warehouse)

(440) 830-4115


Wendy Rosso

Executive Secretary (Administration Center)

(440) 830-4005


Jeanette Ruiz

Executive Secretary (Administration Center)

(440) 830-4006


Divina Hernandez

Administrative Secretary (Warehouse)

(440) 830-4109


Helen Pagan

Administrative Secretary (Warehouse)

(440) 830-4095

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