Preschool | Family Engagement

Three parent-teacher conferences will occur throughout the year. The purpose of these conferences is for the teacher to share updates about your child’s progress and development, to collaborate with you on opportunities to support your child’s learning at home, and to answer any questions you might have. Check with your child’s teacher about conference dates. If you would like to have an additional conference at any time, you can schedule one with your child’s teacher.                                                                                                                                  
Children learn better when their families are an active part of their education, and we welcome and encourage you to get involved in whatever way you can! You are welcome to visit your child’s classroom, and there are opportunities for parents to get involved in each of our elementary schools. In addition to volunteer opportunities in your child’s classroom and school, we’re also offering Family University sessions over the course of the year to support families on a variety of subjects. 
The Ohio Department of Education licensing regulations require preschool programs to provide classroom and program rosters to families upon request. Information on the roster includes children’s names, addresses and phone numbers. Families have the right to ask that their child’s information not be included in the roster, and are provided the opportunity to do so in their preschool application. Rosters will only be provided to parents or guardians of the children enrolled in the preschool program. 
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