Preschool | Clothing & Toileting

Clothing & Toileting

When choosing clothes for your child to wear to school, consider the following: 

  • Would you mind if your child’s clothes came home stained with mud, paint, markers, or food? If so, you may want to put a different outfit on your child. 
  • Rubber–soled shoes, such as gym shoes, can prevent unnecessary injuries. Students are not to wear sandals or flip-flops. Socks must be worn. 
  • Many toileting accidents can be avoided if children wear clothing that can be unbuckled, unbuttoned, or pulled off without a struggle. 
  • Dress your child appropriately for the weather. Classes may play outside, weather permitting. 
In addition, please provide a complete change of clothes, including socks and underwear, in case of an accident. Label each piece with your child’s first and last name for easy identification and to reduce the risk of an item becoming lost. This change of clothing can be kept in your child’s backpack and sent home daily upon parent request.                        

NOTE: This policy does not apply to students on IEPs or with specific medical plans in place. 
All children must have mastered toileting before attending our preschool program. Toilet mastery can be defined as the control over one’s bladder and bowels. Children must know how to change themselves in case of a toileting accident. If your child has an accident by means of a bowel movement, you may receive a call to come and change your child. Excessive accidents (more than once a week) may require evaluation by the staff and could result in your child’s exclusion from the program. 
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