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Attendance & Transportation

Daily attendance is critical for students to receive the full benefits of an early childhood education program, and it also ensures consistency in the daily routines of each classroom. Additionally, seats in our preschool program are in high demand, and when a child is chronically absent but remains enrolled in our program, it prevents a student on our waiting list from being placed in a classroom. 

With these things in mind, all preschool families are expected to abide by the following attendance policy: 
  1. Students in our preschool program are expected to attend school daily and on-time.               
  2. When a student is absent, the parent must call the school to report the reason for absence. This policy is in place for the safety of our students.    
  3. In the case of habitual truancy, which is defined as a child being absent without a legitimate excuse for 30 or more consecutive hours, 42 or more hours in one month, or 72 or more hours in a school year, the following actions will be taken:             
  • The parent will be notified of the habitual truancy via a letter from their child’s teacher. 
  • If the child does not attend school immediately after notification, the child’s teacher will schedule an absence intervention conference with the parent, the dean of student and family engagement, and the school attendance officer. At the conference, the team will create a plan to support the family in getting the child to school. 
  • If the child continues to be absent, he or she may be discharged from the program. 
The following procedures are to be followed for all typical LCS preschool students: 

Student misses 38 hours of school 
  • Excessive absence notification letter is mailed to parent 
Student misses 72 hours of school 
  • Absence Intervention Conference is scheduled with parent 
  • School and parent identify barriers to attendance and determine potential solutions 
  • Absence Intervention Plan is completed and signed by school and parent 
Student misses 100 hours of school OR parent fails to attend Absence Intervention Conference 
  • Student may be discharged from preschool 
  • Letter sent to parent stating that the student has been discharged from the program 
  • Student’s belongings are sent to main office for pickup 
We are only able to provide transportation for students on IEPs. Families of students not on IEPs must provide their own transportation to and from school. 
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