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Understanding ScholarChip, The "Tap-In" System Utilized To Track Attendance For 6th Through 12th Grade Scholars




Lorain City Schools Attendance System Provides Invaluable Information


(July 31, 2019) It is important that parents trust the system that tracks scholar attendance and the following information provides some clarity as to what the system is, how it works and the quality of the information it tracks.


What is ScholarChip? The district’s scholar attendance tracking system for grades 6-12, ScholarChip, was introduced when Lorain High School was built in 2016, prior to the passing of HB70. The ScholarChip system is also used in our three middle school buildings.  Elementary school attendance is taken and entered manually by staff.


How it works: Using their scholar ID badges, scholars are required to “tap-in” when they enter the school building at specialized kiosks located at the designated entrances. By doing so, this logs their “daily attendance.” If a scholar forgets their ID they can enter their scholar ID number into the kiosk via a keypad. If a scholar does not tap-in as they enter the building they are marked absent for the day. Scholars are also required to tap-in to each class using a card reader located in each classroom. Individual class attendance is logged as “meeting attendance.”


Why is ScholarChip so important? In this day and age we need to know when scholars arrive to school and also need real-time data as to where scholars are in the building. ScholarChip allows us to efficiently move thousands of scholars through our doors in the morning and take daily attendance at the same time. ScholarChip provides us with both practical attendance data and invaluable information in the event of an emergency.


Is it possible to “mistap” or tap-out of school accidentally? The way the system is set up, it is not possible for a scholar to tap themselves out, only to update their location. If a scholar believes their scholar ID card is not registering in the ScholarChip system they work with staff to test their card while their account is open. Daily attendance can be verified and corrected using “meeting attendance” if brought to the attention of staff.


Who is Accountable? Teachers and staff monitor the tap-in process but ultimately, it is the scholar who is accountable for taping-in. If a scholar does not tap-in there may be consequences. Please encourage your scholars to tap-in as they enter the building and in each of their classes.


Why are attendance notifications or robo-calls made if a student is at school? Attendance notifications are made based on the tap-in that is made as scholars enter the building. If a scholar does not tap-in, or arrives at school after the notification cut off time, they will be marked absent. In compliance with Ohio’s new Alianna Alert Law, our system begins the ROBO-CALL process approximately 90 minutes after the school start time and calls take about 20-30 minutes to be placed. Therefore, scholars who are late to school may receive a robo-call because the process has already started. If a parent receives a robo-call or a letter notifying them of a scholar absence, and they believe it is incorrect, they should contact the school office and ask that the scholar’s meeting attendance (class attendance) record be reviewed. If you are not receiving robo-calls or would like to change your contact information, you must visit the Administration Center or school office and update your scholar’s PowerSchool account.



Whom can you contact if you have questions about your scholar’s attendance record or Student ID?



Number to call if you

have an attendance question

Who to report a ScholarChip issue to

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Tamara Jones (

Longfellow Middle School


Brandon Proctor (

Southview Middle School


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