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  • The safety of students and staff is a top priority in our school district.  Our staff works closely with the Safety Services in the City of Lorain to create safety plans that are continuously reviewed and updated.  We regularly practice safety drills and conduct safety-related discussions with students in a positive and age-appropriate manner.  In addition, all of our schools have state of the art safety and security systems in place for the protection of our students and staff.

    The Lorain City Schools believe that open communication is a key element in maintaining safe learning environments.  To that end the district uses a Safety Hotline and Bullying Reporting system to allow students, parents and any other concerned parties to file an anonymous report regarding potential safety or bullying issues.  Links to these resources can be found in the student resources page of each school website. Lorain City Schools also uses a parent notification system that can contact families via phone or email to provide regular updates or emergency messages.  

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