Welcome to Professional Learning

  • Every learner is different. And just as we are personalizing the learning experience in our classrooms for students - so must we for our staff members as well. Every one of us comes to learning environments in our schools with a different background, different set of skills and differences in how we learn best. 

    In the Lorain City Schools, we are in the midst of changing the way we approach professional learning to better meet the needs of our employees. Gone are the days of the traditional, one-size-fits-all professional development days. Let's do something exciting together. It's time for a change.

    In the coming months, look for opportunities from our district that use a more personal approach:

    • By pulling data from across the district to better recommend courses and resources for PL;
    • By offering all employees menus of choices for PL that is both in person and virtual;
    • By shifting from a PL that only counts time, to one that counts proficiency.

    We look forward to learning with you.

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