Article: LHS UPDATE: 11th Period

LHS UPDATE: 11th Period

October 8, 2021
Did you know Lorain High School is leading the charge here in Northeast Ohio in providing after-school academic enrichment, food, and transportation to students in need of extra support?
Let’s talk a little about 11th Period at Lorain High School, and how LHS students are benefitting from this new initiative.
The program runs Monday through Thursday after school from 2:30 PM to 3:15 PM. Assistant Principal Nancy Lecorchick has taken the lead spearheading this initiative and a wealth of Lorain High School teachers are working longer days, nearly every day, to ensure that LHS students have access to whatever support they need.

Although it is early in the school year, LHS teachers said they are seeing tremendous growth in students who participate in 11th Period.
“I have only had 11th Period three times so far, but the turnout has been better than expected,” said math teacher Kevin Dickard. “Students are coming for help, making up missed quizzes, or just using the time to do homework.
“I have been very pleased with 11th Period, but I am hoping to have even more students to come who would like additional support. I think this could really help students get back on track who had a rough start to the school year.”
French teacher and World Languages Department Chair Amanda Smith called 11th Period “an asset.”
“I've gotten to meet a lot of students that aren't necessarily in my class,” she said. “Seeing them work together academically is rewarding. We've had a good turn out and good results. Having students who stop in and tell me that they finished an assignment we started and that they did well on it is becoming more and more frequent.
“I look forward to being able to offer this to more of our students so that we can repair some of these COVID gaps.”
11th Period caters to the needs of students. Jael Alvarez and Khayshla Santos use 11th Period in conjunction with the Apex credit recovery program to get on track for on-time graduation.
“I go to 11th Period because I need the credits to graduate,” said Khayshla. “My main focus is to graduate and this program helps me get a step closer to graduation.”
Their respective guidance counselors recommended both students for 11th Period, a place where they can get additional time to focus on the tasks at hand.
“If I go home, I would not do the work,” said Jael. “I can focus better here. I am also focused on graduating on time.”
To other students who think 11th Period is not for them, Khayshla and Jael had this to say about signing up to extend the school day by an additional 45 minutes.
“If you are falling behind and need to catch up, it is a good program,” Khayshla said.
“It is easy and you can go at your own pace,” added Jael.
Math teacher Fredericka Haumesser believes 11th Period has been a major success thus far because it encompasses more than after-school tutoring.
“There has been a paraprofessional who often attends my 11th Period sessions and assists students who need translation services/language support,” said Haumesser. “For me, students are using 11th Period to do three different things: 1) complete work and/or quizzes they've missed, 2) review material they didn't understand in class, and 3) redo assignments/quizzes they've done poorly on.
“I would like to add that the meal and busing afterwards has also been extremely beneficial to the students. I've had several students say that they would not have been able to stay if it wasn't for the busing.”
If you think you or your student would benefit from some after school enrichment or intervention, please reach out to the LHS counseling team to learn more about 11th Period at Lorain High School! Contact the Guidance Department HERE.

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