Article: Titan Communication Connection | Issue 8: February 9, 2024

Titan Communication Connection | Issue 8: February 9, 2024

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February 9, 2024

Today marks the end of School Counselors Week, and we would like to take a moment to express our gratitude and celebrate the invaluable contributions of our dedicated team of school counselors here at Lorain City Schools.

group of students with female holding a posterboard

School Counselor Donna Zychowski with students from General Johnnie Wilson Middle School

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School Counselor Dara Perry-Brutton with a student from Longfellow Middle School

Our counselors employ a comprehensive approach to student well-being, integrating essential social-emotional learning into their work with our students. They support and guide our students toward success in their education and future careers and truly care about how they grow as humans.


They are present in every building, every day, ready to engage with and empower all students.


But don’t just take our word for it. Here is what a few of our counselors had to say about their awesome jobs.


“I can honestly say that I love my job! Of course, there are tough days, but I'm very fortunate to work with an AMAZING group of staff and students, which makes it all worth it. I am proud to work in Lorain and even prouder to be a Washington Titan!” – Bailey Whalen, Washington Elementary School.


“Being a part of this Titan family at Longfellow has given me purpose. I am genuinely excited to see the students’ faces every day they attend school. I make a point to praise and encourage students to reach success and develop into impactful members of our community. Thank you, LCS!” – Dara Perry-Brutton, Longfellow Middle School.


“I love providing a safe space for all the students at GJW to be themselves. I love making meaningful connections with my students, families, and staff." – Donna Zychowski, General Johnnie Wilson Middle School.


“Our ultimate goal as a school counselor is to help guide the students through high school and beyond. We listen and learn about them to assist when choosing classes or providing other supports. What is most meaningful to me is seeing a student years later, and that student says thank you for making a difference. We do our best now with the hope that we are always making a difference in their lives. We love what we do!” – Jill Griebe, Success Academy/Early College.


"Our work here is based on relationships we build with our kids. It is through these relationships that we assist our kids with their social, emotional, career, and academic needs." – Mark Stimecz, Lorain High School


Please join us in thanking our incredible school counselors for their unwavering dedication and commitment to the well-being and success of all Titans.

two students looking at laptop with woman looking over their shoulders


GJW honors the school's namesake on his birthday


General Johnnie Wilson Middle School hosted a birthday party that certainly did the job of wowing the guest of honor.


With all students and staff in attendance, the school's namesake, the real-life retired Army General Johnnie E. Wilson, said Monday's celebration in honor of his 80th birthday was the biggest birthday party he had ever attended. Appearing via Zoom from his home in Virginia, General Wilson – the only still living history maker to have a Lorain school named in his honor – said he loves to talk about the Titans who attend the school bearing his name.


"When the people in my area ask about the Johnnie E. Wilson Middle School, I tell them the students going through Wilson Middle will always be successful because they have been born to be great, and they will always do the best they can," General Wilson said in thanking students for his birthday wishes.

man standing at a podium


Personal driver for the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speaks to staff

The Lorain City Schools administration team was delighted to host Mr. Clarence Bozeman on Wednesday as he served as the guest speaker during a Black History Month luncheon. Allowing those in attendance to step back into the past, Mr. Bozeman elegantly told stories of black historians and leaders who were helped and honored to help others throughout their lives.


Working for the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, Mr. Bozeman served as the personal driver for the King family from 1958 to 1960. He drove Dr. King and his wife, Coretta, to speaking engagements throughout Alabama. On those occasions, Mr. Bozeman said he had the opportunity to speak privately with Dr. and Mrs. King. These conversations ranged from aspirations and barriers in the black community, the Montgomery bus boycott, student sit-ins, and other civil rights challenges.

man with blue shirt one


LCS anticipates welcoming James Boyeas as head football coach

Lorain City Schools is excited to announce the recommendation of James Boyeas as the next head football coach for Lorain High School. The recommendation for Coach Boyeas will be presented to the Lorain City Schools Board of Education at the upcoming school board meeting, marking an exciting new chapter for Lorain football.

two women and man standing togetherEDUCATION SPOTLIGHT:

Lorain Schools' Lindsey Peters completes CTE leadership program

We are excited to announce that Lindsey Peters, the Lorain High School Special Education Supervisor and Career and Technical Education (CTE) Liaison, was honored Wednesday after completing a leadership program with the Shoemaker Leadership Institute.

The Shoemaker program allows educators to increase leadership qualities, develop leadership characteristics, and expand their network of colleagues in CTE while gaining a holistic view of career-technical and adult education in Ohio. 


February 10, 2024 | Winter Extravaganza and Dance | 1-3 PM for elementary and middle and 7-10 for high school

February 12, 2024 | Board Meeting at 5 PM in the LCS Board Room at Lorain High School

February 16, 2024 | No school for students due to parent teacher conferences

February 19, 2024 | No school for students and staff in observance of Presidents' Day. All buildings are closed.



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