Article: QUICKmed Urgent Care to roll out vaccine clinics with district mobile clinic

QUICKmed Urgent Care to roll out vaccine clinics with district mobile clinic

mobile clinic bus parked We will roll out our mobile health clinic in our plan to vaccinate students from September 27 to October 6. Our mobile health clinic is part of our Titan Wellness program that ensures all students access to quality health care.


We are letting you know about an exciting partnership that will help us take better care of our students while keeping their education on track. We believe this will make a real difference and are excited to share the news with you!
In collaboration with QUICKmed Urgent Care, we are excited to announce the launch of school-based immunization clinics for our students. These clinics will be held from September 27th through October 6th, 2023, and they are a big part of our ongoing efforts to ensure that all students are up-to-date with their required school vaccinations.
Our goal is to reduce the number of students who may face exclusion from school due to non-compliance with vaccination requirements, as outlined by state law and board policy. We understand the challenges that some families in our community face in accessing healthcare, and we want to eliminate any barriers that might prevent our students from receiving the necessary immunizations.
Here are some key details about the upcoming immunization clinics:
Dates | The clinics will be held from September 27th through October 6th, 2023.
Location | Immunizations will take place right at your child's school.
Consent Forms | Please complete and return the signed consent form to ensure your child receives vaccinations. These forms will be distributed through the school or accessed online at lorainschools.org/HealthWellness. Documents can be digitally completed and emailed to [email protected].
Exclusion Deadline | We temporarily waive the exclusion deadline for students with signed consent forms. This means that as long as we receive your consent form, your child will not face exclusion from school due to vaccination non-compliance during this period.
Notification | District health professionals or principals will contact families if their children require school vaccinations.
Objection to Immunization | If you object to immunizations for medical, religious, or philosophical reasons, you can find the Objection to Immunization Form at lorainschools.org/HealthWellness. The form can be digitally completed and emailed to [email protected].
We want to emphasize that no student will be turned away from the immunization clinics due to an inability to pay. Our priority is the health and safety of all our students, and we are committed to ensuring that no student misses a day of school simply because they have not received the required immunizations.
We understand that our students' education is of utmost importance, and we do not want missed immunizations to be the reason for any absence. By partnering with QUICKmed Urgent Care, we aim to provide a convenient and accessible solution for our families.
Please do not hesitate to reach out to your child's school or visit lorainschools.org/HealthWellness for more information, consent forms, and resources related to immunizations.

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