Article: Two more shipments headed your way! Sign Up For A FREE Kinsa FLUency Thermometer, Today!

Two more shipments headed your way! Sign Up For A FREE Kinsa FLUency Thermometer, Today!

We have exciting news! 

We have just been able to confirm that our elementary schools are being offered two more shipments of Kinsa FLUency thermometers.
The cut-off dates for the last two shipments of the year are February 8th and March 8th, so act fast!

Our elementary schools are partnering with Kinsa’s FLUency™ School Health Program this year!

Kinsa is on a mission to stop the spread of illness! Learn more at kinsahealth.com. FLUency is
Kinsa’s school health program. For the past five years, FLUency has partnered with sponsors to
provide parents free thermometers and a smartphone app to help detect and respond to
spreading illnesses. This year, participation in FLUency matters more than ever to keep your
family and school community healthy!

Sign up now for a FREE smart thermometer!
Text the word FLUENCY to the number 900900
When you do, you will receive a link that prompts you to download the free Kinsa app, join your School Group within the app, and order your free smart thermometer!
Note: You should receive both a message in the app and a confirmation email letting you know that your thermometer has been ordered. Be sure to check your inbox! 

If you are having issues with not being able to order a thermometer and you can't figure out why, email [email protected] and their team can help troubleshoot. 

With Kinsa’s FLUency™ School Health Program You'll...
*Know what’s going around your child’s school
*Receive messages from your school nurse

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