Article: Titan Communication Connection | Issue 9: February 29, 2024

Titan Communication Connection | Issue 9: February 29, 2024

February 29, 2024

As we leap into March, Women's History Month, we want to take a moment to reflect on the impactful events and engaging activities that took place this month to honor the rich heritage and contributions of African Americans to our nation's history. From insightful lectures to vibrant cultural celebrations, we embraced the spirit of diversity and inclusivity throughout the month.

Longfellow Middle School student creates artwork inspired by poet Langston Hughes's "Mother to Son."

Larkmoor Elementary School students are ready to leap into March 

with a fun Leap Day activity. 

One of the highlights of the month was the inspiring speech delivered by civil rights lecturer Clarence Bozeman, renowned for his role as the personal driver of the Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Mr. Bozeman shared his firsthand experiences and intimate conversations with Dr. King, offering a unique perspective on the Civil Rights Movement. His powerful message resonated deeply with the administration staff during a Black History Month luncheon, where he emphasized the importance of kindness and love in fostering equitable education for all students.


Due to the overwhelming response, Mr. Bozeman was invited back to speak to students who gained valuable insights into the struggles and triumphs of the civil rights era.


Longfellow Middle School hosted a Family Literacy Night and Art in the Park. Artists Julie Reminick and Cam Goodrich shared their skills with students and helped them create artwork inspired by Black poets, including "Dreams" and "Mother to Son" by Langston Hughes.


General Johnnie Wilson Middle School dedicated this week to Black History, culminating with a family engagement night at 5:30 p.m. tonight, including dance and choir performances.


We celebrated Black heritage this month, but in Lorain City Schools, we believe in recognizing the power and benefits of diversity and inclusivity every single day. That's because each Titan in our family is like a unique and vibrant thread that, when woven together, makes up the beautiful tapestry of Lorain City Schools.


When our students spend time learning about the dances and cultures that make Hispanic and Latino culture come alive, as many students did during Hispanic Heritage Month or when students at Stevan Dohanos Elementary School learned about the significance of the menorah during Hanukkah, they are part of a larger culture that celebrates all that we are in our community.


We believe in being culturally relevant, not just in our curriculum, which, at its core, is inclusive of the needs of all learners, but also in our culture, which allows every student, staff member, family, and community partner to feel included, seen, and valued.


Student club at Lorain High aims to promote mental health awareness

A new initiative has taken root at Lorain High School, focused on positive change and raising awareness about mental health within the school community. 


Led by Itzai Ruiz from The LCADA Way, the program named "Voces para Cambios" or "Voices for Change" has gained momentum among students who identify as Spanish-speaking. 


Voices for Change is dedicated to promoting positivity, providing resources, and advocating for mental health awareness among students. The club members have been actively engaged in various projects centered around mental health, addressing prevalent issues high school students face today.


LCS students dream of education innovation during Changemaker Hub

If you want to know how to make school a more enjoyable, enriching, and engaging place for students, there is no better source to tap into than the students themselves.


That was the idea on Thursday, February 22, 2024, when 45 Lorain City Schools middle and high school students seized the reins of education innovation during a Changemaker Hub at Lorain County Community College. There, students, teachers, and community members teamed up to tackle a big question: How can we make school better for everyone?


Students shared their stories and ideas through activities and discussions while learning new things.


Lorain Teachers Center Education, Classroom with Students-First Model

In a student-centered initiative, Lorain High School geometry teachers David Dull and Lauren Waite are leading the way in transforming traditional classrooms into nurturing environments where students not only feel empowered to learn but also to develop personally and emotionally through the science-backed Universal Design for Learning (UDL).


UDL is a revolutionary learning framework that focuses on student-centric classroom practices. It allows students to take charge of their academic, social, and emotional growth. Teachers have integrated UDL principles into their daily teaching routines, emphasizing a holistic approach to education beyond traditional subject matter.


Students from both Hawthorne and Toni Morrison elementary schools showed off their musical talents this week in performances of Giraffes Can't Dance.

This week marked a delightful showcase of musical prowess as students from Hawthorne and Toni Morrison elementary schools captivated audiences with their performances of "Giraffes Can't Dance." Students brought to life the cherished story's beloved characters and vibrant melodies. From rhythmic beats to harmonious tunes, the performances showcased the creativity and hard work of the students, highlighting their musical growth and development.


Parents and supporters eager to relive these moments can view both performances on Lorain TV20's YouTube channel.



March 7, 2024 | Second Harvest Food Bank Drive-Thru Mobile Pantry at Longfellow Middle School

March 11, 2024 | Board of Education Meeting | 5 PM | LCS Board Room

March 15, 2024 | End of Third Grading Period for all Lorain City School students

March 29, 2024 | No school | Good Friday

April 1-8, 2024 | No school | Spring Break


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