Article: Series of Threats Cause Evacuation at Lorain High School

Series of Threats Cause Evacuation at Lorain High School

(December 17, 2019) Tuesday morning, a building-wide evacuation took place at Lorain High School after a series of phone calls were placed to the Administration Building, via Google Voice.

Those calls were deemed credible, but unconfirmed, according to Safety Coordinator Reuben Figueroa. 

To ensure the safety of everyone in the building, and to prevent panic, a fire alarm was activated to evacuate.

Scholars and staff were escorted from the buildings and moved to safe areas along the perimeter of the high school. Once all were accounted for, everyone was escorted to two separate locations off site.

Lorain fire and police responded to the high school, and more than 15 officers conducted a sweep of the buildings, according to Figueroa.

A search of the high school revealed no confirmed threat, and at that time, Lorain police cleared for all scholars and staff to return to the high school.

Lorain City Schools takes all threats made to its staff and scholars seriously, and continues to work to provide spaces conducive to safe learning.

Information regarding the calls has been handed over to the Lorain Police Department, and a full investigation into the matter will be conducted.

If you have questions, or information regarding the threats, we ask that you contact the Lorain Police Department, directly.



Rae Bastock,


Executive Director

Lorain High School

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