Parent Engagement

Parent Engagement

Longfellow Middle School Parent Involvement Plan 2015-2016

Longfellow Middle School is a school where students, parents, families, and staff are respected, welcomed, honored, and feel associated as we work together to raise student achievement. Our Parent Involvement Plan is a part of our overall school improvement plan to increase student achievement in all academic areas.

Our Parent Involvement Plan uses researched based strategies from The Thoughtful Classroom by Silver, Strong, & Associates, PBIS and other parent involvement researchers who have proven the positive effects parent involvement can have on student achievement. This research demonstrates that parents play a vital role in their child’s education. It also shows that increasing parental involvement will improve student achievement. Parent-teacher communication, parent-teacher conferences, planned parent events, and school open houses are just some of the proven strategies that are incorporated into our plan.

Staff, students and parents participated in a survey to qualitative data pertaining to belonging, safety, respect, climate and relationships. The survey results indicated a high sense of belonging, safety and school climate. Areas of need are bullying and being made fun of. In order to maintain our strengths and address our needs, the following activities, events, strategies and tools will be used to grow our parent involvement practices:

v Incoming new and 7th grade students school walk through (Mid-August)

v First Day Back to School Event and Open House, whereby parents are invited to visit classrooms, meet teachers and staff, gather with the Principal to welcome parents and share information. (August)

v Parent Teacher Organization meeting whereby parents are invited to become members, and learn roles they can play in their child’s classroom and school (November)

v School Newsletters are distributed via the webpage to inform parents of academics, attendance, happenings, safety notes, classroom happenings, events, and to celebrate student successes. (Quarterly)

v Family Literacy Night is a community building activity whereby parents visited the building for parent-teacher conferences. (November)

v Parent-Teacher Conferences in November, and March

v Winter and Spring Concerts whereby the fine arts curriculum is spotlighted.

v Book Fair that that promoted literacy for our middle school students (March)

v Daily Planner are utilized as a means of communicating between the classroom and home.

v Student Binders to utilize organizational skills for students.

v Recognition Assemblies, and fundraising events are also opportunities for involvement, planning, and participation.

Our school would love to continue to keep parents involved and we strive to have as many opportunities for parent to be involved in their child’s education and achievement. We advocate and value the connection between homes and school in our vision to move from good to great, and great to world class.

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