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The Facilities and Operations Department keeps the day-to-day operations of the district running behind the scenes.  Interim Executive Director of Operations Mary Mayse and her staff are responsible for capital improvements, custodial services, facility rental, nutritional services, buildings & grounds, transportation services and safety & security. 
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Operation Office Locations

Administrative Building
2601 Pole Ave, Lorain, Ohio 44052

Transportation Building 
1800 Colorado Ave, Lorain, Ohio 44052

1930 W19th Street, Lorain, Ohio 44052

Mary Mayse

Executive Director of Operations (Administrative Building)

(440) 830-4005

Director of Operations (Administrative Building)
(440) 830-4094

Stephanie Silos

Projects Coordinator/Executive Secretary of Operations (Transportation Building)

(440) 830-4005

Alex Morris

Academic Materials and Asset Coordinator (Transportation Building)

(440) 830-4110

Jim Adkins

Maintenance Supervisor (Warehouse)

(440) 830-4097

Divina Hernandez

Administrative Secretary (Warehouse)

(440) 830-4095

Chris DiFilippo

Operations Manager (Warehouse)

(440) 830-4098

Procurement Supervisor (Warehouse)
(440) 830-4096

Print Shop Coordinator (Warehouse)
(440) 830-4101

Renee Forman

Print Shop Assistant (Warehouse)
(440) 830-4115


Richard Worthy

Head of Warehouseman (Warehouse)

(440) 830-4100

Barb Medrick

Transportation Coordinator (Transportation Building)

(440) 830-4047

Transportation Routing Coordinator
(Transportation Building)
(440) 830-4076

Transportation Trip Coordinator (Transportation Building)
(440) 830-4047

Frank Horvatich

Regional Manager (Warehouse)


Food Service Director (Warehouse)

(440) 830-4037

Amanda Allen

Assistant Food Service Director (Warehouse)

(440) 830-4038

Assistant Food Service Director (Warehouse)
(440) 830-4037

Edie Diaz

Food Service Office Manager (Warehouse)

(440) 830-4038

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