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Accounts Payable Celia Fuhrman 440-830-4027 cfuhrman@loraincsd.org
Accounts Payable Lisa Miller 440-830-4028 lmiller@loraincsd.org
Advertising in athletic programs Bryan Koury 440-830-4009 bkoury@loraincsd.org
Advertising at George Daniels Field Larry Jaeger 440-994-4499 larry@huntereducationcapital.com
Automated phone calls Erin Gadd 440-830-4049 egadd@loraincsd.org
Breakfast and Lunch Services Frank Horvatich 440-830-4037 fhorvatich@loraincsd.org
Building Rentals Divina Hernandez 440-830-4095 dhernandez@loraincsd.org
Buildings and Grounds Kevin Haupt 440-830-4097 khaupt@loraincsd.org
Bullying Hotline 440-233-2300
Busing Cindy Coyle 440-830-4047 CCoyle@loraincsd.org
George Daniel Field Bryan Koury 440-830-4009 bkoury@loraincsd.org
Career and Technical Education Richard Moreck 440-277-1176 rmoreck@loraincsd.org
TV20 Joe Bock 440-277-1176 jbock@loraincsd.org
Community/Business/Schools Partnership Erin Gadd 440-830-4049 egadd@loraincsd.org
Communication Erin Gadd 440-830-4049 egadd@loraincsd.org
Curriculum - Elementary Education Marva Jones 440-830-4017 mkjones@loraincsd.org
Curriculum - Secondary Education Mic Becerra 440-830-4002 mbecerra@loraincsd.org
Preschool Linda Coad 440-830-4042 lcoad@loraincsd.org
Distributing Flyers Pat Akosi 440-830-4002 pakosi@loraincsd.org
Early Entrance Michelle Barbosa 440-830-4220 mbarbosa@loraincsd.org
Employee Health Benefits Mary Beth Sandrev 440-830-4031 msandrev@loraincsd.org
Employee Benefits Martina Cook 440-830-4051 mcook@loraincsd.org
Employment Juanita Senquiz 440-830-4010 jsenquiz@loraincsd.org
Social Media Erin Gadd 440-830-4049 egadd@loraincsd.org
Federal Programs Rachel Tansey 440-830-4018 rtansey@loraincsd.org
Finances Josh Hill 440-830-4026 jhill@loraincsd.org
Free and Reduced Lunch Shonteea Ford 440-830-4006 sford@loraincsd.org
Gifted Services Michelle Barbosa 440-830-4220 mbarbosa@loraincsd.org
Grants Rachel Tansey 440-830-4019 rtansey@loraincsd.org
Media Inquiries Erin Gadd 440-830-4049 egadd@loraincsd.org
Payroll Jennifer Gasper 440-830-4033 jgasper@loraincsd.org
Payroll Gladys Rivera 440-830-4034 grivera@loraincsd.org
Press releases Erin Gadd 440-830-4049 egadd@loraincsd.org
Printing Jim Kolaczko 440-830-4101 jkolaczko@loraincsd.org
Professional Development Michael Scott 440-830-4017 mscott@loraincsd.org
Public records requests Josh Hill 440-830-4026 jhill@loraincsd.org
Records Evelyn Arocho 440-830-4046 earocho@loraincsd.org
Transcripts Evelyn Arocho 440-830-4046 earocho@loraincsd.org
Registration Evelyn Arocho 440-830-4046 earocho@loraincsd.org
Requests for Proposals Don Jacopin 440-830-4096 djacopin@loraincsd.org
Resident Educator Program Faith Palmucci 440-830-4012 fpalmucci@loraincsd.org
Safety and Security Jamie Montague 440-233-2200 jmontague@loraincsd.org
School Board Alisha Pardon 440-830-4026 apardon@loraincsd.org
School photos Your child's school
Senior Citizen Passes Bryan Koury 440-830-4009 bkoury@loraincsd.org
Special Education Doreen Morrell 440-830-4040 dmorrell@loraincsd.org
Sports physicals Your child's school
Taxes Josh Hill 440-830-4026 jhill@loraincsd.org
Testing Bill Ohle 440-830-4036 bohle@loraincsd.org
School Improvement Bill Ohle 440-830-4015 bohle@loraincsd.org
Website Erin Gadd 440-830-4049 egadd@loraincsd.org
Yearbooks Your child's school
Custodial Services Jim Mossbruger 440-830-4095 jmossbruger@loraincsd.org
Procurement Don Jacopin 440-830-4096 djacopin@loraincsd.org