District Overview

  • The Lorain City School District is proud to serve 6,650 students in grades PreK-12 residing in the “International City” of Lorain about 25 miles west of Cleveland, Ohio on the shore of beautiful Lake Erie. We are committed to providing personalized education to meet the diverse needs of our students.
    Vision Statement
    Lorain City Schools will become a legacy of educational excellence built upon a heritage of diversity.
    To provide all children with a premier learning experience where a quality education is achieved through a comprehensive curriculum in a safe and orderly environment.
    Core Values
    • We are committed to the value of cultural diversity, equity and equal access to district resources for all students and staff.
    • We are committed to appropriate student behavior that is free from bullying, disrespectful language and harassment.
    • We are committed to meeting the academic and extra-curricular needs of all students.
    • We are committed to building an environment of fiscal accountability.
    • We are committed to collaboration and communication throughout the schools and communities.
    • Ensure high academic achievement for all students.
    • Create and maintain a safe and nurturing school environment.
    • Develop, provide and maintain an effective and efficient operating system.
    • Ensure parent engagement and community collaboration.
    • Develop and maintain the highest quality of professional administrators, teachers and staff.

    Read about the Lorain City Schools Plan, Process and Progress 2017 Update at this link