The Shared Leadership Approach - OSBA Presentation

  • The Lorain City School District is honored to shared our story at the OSBA Capital Conference on Monday, November 14th at 9:00am in Room C123-125. Please review the links at left to revisit the presentation and download the document "Collaboration and Collaborative Leadership" from the Ohio Community Collaboration Model for School Improvement (OCCMSI).

    Have a question or wish to contact one of the presentors? Here's our team:


    Dr. Jeff Graham, Superintendent ∙ 440-830-4000

    Mic Becerra, Assistant Superintendent ∙ 440-830-4000 ∙

    Chris DiFilippo, Building Custodian, Lorain City Schools ∙ 440-830-4048 ∙

    Bambi Dillon, Citizens for Lorain ∙ 440-288-2592 ∙

    Erin Gadd, Director of Communications/Engagement ∙ 440-830-4049 ∙

    Bill Ohle, Director of School Improvement  ∙ 440-830-4015  ∙

    Michael Scott, Director of Professional Learning ∙ 440-830-4014 ∙

    Jay Pickering, Lorain Education Association ∙ 440-233-2200 ∙

    Tim Williams, Lorain Schools Board of Education  ∙ 440-213-8669  ∙

    Dr. Bill Zelei, Lorain Academic Distress Commission   ∙ 330-906-6938  ∙