• The Board encourages parents and other citizens of the District to be active participants in the education of our children through school visitations.

    To ensure the safety and security of the school community and an orderly process of visitation, the Board requires all community members to follow classroom, building, and District procedures when visiting schools. The District also reserves the right to decline visitation by any person who interferes with the educational process, invades the privacy of students, threatens the safety of any child or employee, or for any other reason deemed appropriate.

    Whether attending an assembly, observing a classroom, or any other activity during the scheduled school day, all visitors must immediately upon entering a District building report to the main office or other designated area to sign in.

    Parents and legal guardians may request a classroom visitation with their child at any time by reporting to the office and making a request to the principal or his/her designee. Upon approval, the parent or guardian will be required to sign in as a visitor and will be directed to the appropriate room by a school official.

    Community members and others, who request a visitation in a classroom other than their child’s room, must complete at least two days in advance the “Request to Visit” form which includes number of visitors, frequency, duration, purpose, and visitor identification information. This does not apply to police, court representatives or other persons acting in an official capacity. Upon approval and appropriate advance notice, community members and others should report to the office, sign in, and be directed by a school official to the appropriate location.

    When possible, the principal will notify and/or confer with appropriate teachers when approving visitation requests.

    Because of space restrictions, generally not more than two adult visitors will be permitted to observe a particular classroom at one time. When visiting classrooms or other District facilities, visitors must comply with safety procedures.

    Appeals of visitation denial should be submitted to the Superintendent. Any unauthorized person on school property will be reported to the principal or Superintendent. The person may be asked to leave and/or the police contacted. Failure to leave when asked will subject the person to criminal charges.