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  • teaching The Department of Curriculum and Instruction's mission is to challenge and support the Lorain City School District to become an exemplary school system which inspires, challenges, and empowers students and staff for success in a globally competitive society.  The Department does this through the provision of resources, K-12 curriculum support, "best practices" instructional strategies, formative and summative assessment and professional development. Also, the Department of Curriculum and Instruction serves the needs of the teachers and administrators of the Lorain City School District by providing the services and support to enable schools to provide the best educational program possible for all children.

    On this website, you will find helpful parent teaching strategies, links to information regarding 3rd grade reading prep resources, and many other links that will be helpful to our parents and community.

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  • Mic Becerra

    Assistant Superintendent

    Secondary Education

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    Dr. Stephen Sturgill

    Assistant Superintendent

    Secondary Education

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    Chief Schools Officer

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    Director of Alternative Education

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    Director of School Improvement

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    Barb Bowen

    Associate Director of Instructional Technology

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    Kim Cooper

    Educational Services Coordinator

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    Executive Secretary

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    Textbook Coordinator

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