Gifted Programming

  • Tree image The Gifted Program offers a challenging and supportive learning environment where creative children can explore their gifts and fulfill their full potential. Instruction is accelerated while the depth of study is extended past the regular curriculum. Our teachers are Gifted Certified, giving them the resources necessary to meet the needs of their students. 

    Students must qualify according to Gifted Eligibility Guidelines set by the Ohio Department of Education. Please refer to the links at right, under "Parent Resources" for helpful information. Parents and teachers can complete a referral and send it to Michelle Barbosa, Gifted Program Coordinator.


    All About Acceleration

    Some children need more than their current educational placement.  There are two main types of accelerationwhole-grade and subject acceleration.

    Students who qualify for Early Entrance to Kindergarten are also considered acceleration students.  Additionally, early high school graduation is another form of acceleration. 

    The need for whole-grade acceleration is rare and many factors are considered when evaluating whether or not a child is a good candidate.  The Iowa Acceleration Scale (IAS) is the guide used for whole-grade acceleration K-8.  Anyone seeking whole-grade acceleration should contact the Gifted Services Coordinator.

    Subject acceleration means that a child is ready for the next grade level much earlier than the typical student.  For example, a second grade student may be taking third grade math while finishing second grade. Anyone seeking subject acceleration should first discuss the need with the regular classroom teacher and then contact Gifted Coordinator Michelle Barbosa.


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