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Titan Improvement Plan

 WE BELIEVE the Titan Improvement Process is an organizational approach to problem solving that requires a high level of staff engagement and collaboration. It is a framework designed to:                      

  • Create interdependent connections between and among teams to identify district needs.
  • Determine the appropriate strategies to meet those needs. 
  • Determine the appropriate strategies and establish criteria for success.
  • Provide supports to assure sustained implementation of district initiatives
  • Monitor the strategies to determine the level of effectiveness based on predetermined criteria. 
  • Examine and reflect on implementation of strategies to establish next steps
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  • OUR STRATEGIES WILL implement the Ohio Improvement Process a as a collaborative problem solving process at the teacher, building and district levels. 
  • WE WILL MEASURE BY collecting implementation data on Teacher-Based Teams, Building Leadership Teams, and the District Leadership Team through the implementation rubrics that we will develop and use.