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WE BELIEVE equity is at the heart of all we do to ensure that each individual member of the Titan community is successful within his or her social and cultural realities.  

We seek to eliminate the racial and social-economic predictors of achievement by removing barriers that limit opportunities, and dedicate our work to acknowledge, respect and appreciate the diversity and differences that exist within our educational community and the City of Lorain. 

Through thoughtful actions with regards to curriculum, pedagogy, policy and school culture, we can overcome the effects of systemic and structural inequities and their impact over time. 

We strive to strengthen our community by increasing the opportunities through the actions evident in our practice and by recognizing the power and benefits of diversity and inclusivity.

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  • OUR STRATEGIES WILL implement equitable practices to eliminate opportunity gaps for students and staff where all are represented equitably in our programs and practices.
  • WE WILL MEASURE BY prioritizing targeted data from the equity audit to measure at intervals that correspond to when the data is collected.